Anna Richter

3D Artist at Coffee Stain Studios

About Anna Richter

3D artist, illustrator and art nerd. Currently working on Satisfactory at Coffee Stain Studios in Skövde. Previously worked on Divinity Original Sin 2 and Overkills The Walking Dead. Spends her days creating environments and their inhabitants. Embodies a creative blend of graphic design and illustration background with 3D art technologies, powered by an endless thirst for knowledge. While away from the work desk, is an avid traveler and a keen home cook.

Talk at Sweden Game Conference

3D artist: Finding your path

The journey of a 3D artist can be a tough one to start and depends on so many factors. I’m going to explore the key elements that can influence the success in finding one's own path into the industry, while keeping realistic expectations. I’m aiming to cover:

1) Portfolio tips for 3D art
2) Things to consider when choosing studios to apply
3) Staying relevant in the industry