Sweden Game conference 2021 THEME

Crossing Borders: Moving Forward Together.

We live in a rapidly changing world where the impacts of climate change, a global pandemic, and fast-paced technological development keep our lives in constant flux, making and remaking cultural boundaries, social relationships, and work/life conditions.

In SGC’21, we explore these transformational conditions and consider the challenges and successes within our current game markets and cultures as we work together to diversify our practices and create new partnerships and alliances. In our conference, we invite you to share your methods, stories, games and concerns for current and future game development as we transition and adjust to changing world conditions and find new possibilities for connection.

As we explore our theme “Crossing Borders: Moving Forward Together” we will consider some important questions:

  1. How can new kinds of partnerships and cooperation with others (in education, research, industry, and politics) offer radical insights to anticipate the needs and demands of emerging technologies and markets, both globally and locally? What are the threats to these new ways of thinking and working, and how can we mediate them?
  2. What are some of the inspiring and creative ways that development teams can work together across disciplinary, cultural, or economic borders to find new successes and to challenge traditional norms and standards?
  3. How might new opportunities for working and playing with others help us to create more inclusive and balanced social and industrial conditions? How might we ‘level the playing field’ and create more diverse and sustainable cultures and markets for games and game development? What are the barriers to such change?
  4. Have industry and industry events been transformed in meaningful ways to adapt and respond to new world conditions? Are these changes effective, radical enough, or are they too static and traditional, out of step with contemporary societies? How might we change together in practical and forward-thinking ways, and who is responsible for making these changes?

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