Jacob Jeannot-Schroeder

Senior UX Researcher at DICE, Electronic Arts (EA)

About Jacob Jeannot-Schroeder

Jacob has over 10 years of games industry experience, working with development teams as a researcher on a variety of gaming platforms ranging from web-based games to AAA console and PC best sellers. Jacob is a proponent of working with game developers to integrate new ways of learning from players. From the United States, he currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife.

Talk at Sweden Game Conference

Finding the Fun: Prototyping for Game Development

Prototyping is a tool that can be powerful when validating designs early in development before committing to costly software development. At EA, UX research practitioners often partner with designers to provide player feedback of early concept prototypes, ranging from hi-fidelity gray box levels to wireframe UI mock-ups. But deciding how and what to prototype is challenging. In this presentation Jacob discuss how researchers collaborate with designers to create and evaluate prototypes for games testing. This includes identifying which features to prototype, best practices for developing a prototype, and how to use results to make impactful change to the design.