Marina Diez

CEO at Three of Cups Games

About Marina Diez

Marina Díez (she/her) is a Spanish award-winning game designer based in London, UK. She's the CEO at Three of Cups Games, an ethical and diverse games studio based in London. Besides, she is the Lead Game Designer at Un Je Ne Sais Quoi Studios, currently working on the game Dordogne. Marina also works as a consultant on game design and work ethics for other companies around the world. Marina is also a Forbes 30 Under 30 2021 honoree and a Women in Games Ambassador.

Talk at Sweden Game Conference

Emotional Game Development: holding your hand through the computer

Emotional game design has been a branch of game development that started getting more popular in the last couple of years. While the concept is not extremely new, surprisingly many game developers don't actively think about the emotions they want to evoke in the players while designing their games. During this talk, Marina will explain everything she can about the niche and give some tips for those interested in practicing