Martin Kvale and Oda Tilset

Founders of NokNok Audio

About Martin Kvale and Oda Tilset

Martin and Oda? Joda! they do sounds together at NokNok Audio for a while now. if you like Filipino cooking games, desert sci-fi adventures or calm Malmø town simulator audio then these two are pretty much up your alley. They are here to talk about how a small audio team based all the way up in Norway work with local and international projects.

Talk at Sweden Game Conference

Shouting Across Borders - an audio talk

Come join Martin and Oda as they talk about starting a company up in Norway, and how they work with international projects as well as local. How do the logistics look when your team is spread across 12 time zones? Many languages? We will cover this with a few examples from games such as Sable, Manifold Garden, Soup Pot and Townscaper