Pitch your project

Sweden Game Conference invited game startups and companies to pitch their project to a qualified panel from the games industry who will give valuable feedback. This session will not be livestreamed as the rest of the conference. Only invited publishers, investors and others will have access to watch it.

The team that presents the best pitch according to the panel wins a cash prize of SEK 15 000 for "Pitch of the year".


As a pitching company you get:

  • 2 tickets to Sweden Game Conference (On-site)
  • 2 tickets to MeetToMatch
  • 2 tickets to the Industry Lunch
  • 2 Tickets to the Award Dinner
  • A digital expo booth...

... and more!


During the first day of Sweden Game Conference on October 14 at Arena Skövde. This means that you have to visit the conference on-site to be able to pitch.


You get 5 minutes to pitch and 10 minutes to answer questions from the panel. You can present your pitch with any visual aid you need.