Sweden Game Conference

Welcome to 2023 years edition of Sweden Game Conference, Solutions for the games industry.

On October 25-26 we gather participants from all corners of the games industry and the innovation system. As all previous years, we welcome students, junior and senior developers, game companies, startups, researchers, teachers, politicians, investors and decision makers to enjoy our two-day conference:

  • Talks and panels; Business theme
  • Talks and panels; Development disciplines
  • Workshops: Solutions for the games industry
  • Indiecator expo
  • Sweden Game pitch
  • Portfolio reviews
  • SAGA, award ceremony
  • Open track in cooperation with DONNA Day
  • Donna Café
  • Teacher symposium, University of Skövde
  • Social activities to be announced
Talks and panels

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Speakers and panelists

Tobias Sjögren

CEO at Starbreeze

Tobias started in the game industry as a programmer in 1996. He was the Studio Head 2001-2004 at DICE during the time Battlefield 1942 shipped. For about 8 years he worked as an agent helping game developers making deals with publishers but since 2012 he have mainly worked in executive roles in the Swedish game industry at Stardoll, Paradox and White Wolf Entertainment. In 2019 and during the reconstruction he joined the board of Starbreeze and in fall 2020 he took the CEO role.

Jeryce Dianingana

3D Senior Environment Artist at EA

Jeryce Dianingana is a Senior 3D Environment Artist and Lecturer, with years of experience working on next generation games at AAA studios. In his personal work Jeryce combines his love of 3D with a passion for his African heritage, creating fantastical environments and heirlooms that reimagine African culture and imagery in 3D.

Emelie Edholm

Designer at Rare Ltd.

From barista to designer at Rare Ltd – the road getting into the industry wasn’t straight, but has been a lot of fun! Emelie is a designer on the Everwild project at Rare Ltd. She has previously been a producer at Team Junkfish and Fundamentally Games. With a passion for building community and creative spaces, she has organised game jams and loves talking game development with students of all ages. Emelie can be bribed with black coffee and salty liquorice.

Daniel Kierkegaard Andersen

Software Engineer at Unity Technologies

Working on DOTS, Entities, and the engine. In his free-time he makes games and interacts with the community of Unity. He's taught at many notable Technical University's across Denmark, and for the last 6 years, has taught young adults to make games in the span of a week at a Danish Game Development Camp.

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