Crossing Borders: Moving Forward Together

October 13-15, in Skövde and online

Sweden Game Conference 2021

Europe's leading conference for aspiring and professional game developers and startups is back on October 13-15 both online and in Skövde.

With more than 1 200 participants, Sweden Game Conference is filled with inspiration regarding career, craft, matchmaking and more.

Crossing Borders: Moving Forward Together

For this year’s theme, Crossing Borders: Moving Forward Together, we explore these transformational conditions and consider the challenges and successes within our current game markets and cultures as we work together to diversify our practices and create new partnerships and alliances.

Ticket release on August 18

Keep a lookout on Sweden Game Conference website, as we release the tickets for this year's conference on August 18.

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Watch Sweden Game Conference 2020

If you can't get enough of Sweden Game Conference 2020, you can watch all talks and panels again on Sweden Game Arena's YouTube channel.

Participant at Sweden Game Conference 2020
”Best produced online conference all year! Great mix of speakers and panelists”

Participant at Sweden Game Conference 2020

Participant at Sweden Game Conference 2020
"The conference had really interesting topics! I just watched the whole day, from the beginning to the end"

Participant at Sweden Game Conference 2020

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Last year's speakers

Bruce Wilkie

Principal Software Engineer at Blizzard Entertainment

During his time on the Overwatch team, Bruce has contributed to tools and technology that enable the team to consistently deliver high quality and performant content across all platforms running Overwatch. Bruce has worked at various startups and major publishers in a diverse selection of roles, and enjoys contributing to data pipelines and rendering engines.

Anna Richter

3D Artist at Coffee Stain Studios

3D artist, illustrator and art nerd. Currently working on Satisfactory at Coffee Stain Studios in Skövde. Previously worked on Divinity Original Sin 2 and Overkills The Walking Dead. Spends her days creating environments and their inhabitants. Embodies a creative blend of graphic design and illustration background with 3D art technologies, powered by an endless thirst for knowledge. While away from the work desk, is an avid traveler and a keen home cook.

Jacob Jeannot-Schroeder

Senior UX Researcher at DICE, Electronic Arts (EA)

Jacob has over 10 years of games industry experience, working with development teams as a researcher on a variety of gaming platforms ranging from web-based games to AAA console and PC best sellers. Jacob is a proponent of working with game developers to integrate new ways of learning from players.

Cajsa Larsson

Sound Designer/Music Maker at On the Outskirts

Cajsa has worked with Music & Sound Design for the past 9 years. She co-founded the indie game company Forgotten Key, a game studio focused on atmospheric adventures. She went on to work at Ubisoft Massive for a while but has now moved on to Sharkmob. She is most commonly referred to as a Vicious Plant Killer, Proud Cat Mom & Tea Enthusiast.