Sweden Game Pitch

Sweden Game Conference invites game startups and companies to pitch their project to a live and online audience from the games industry. After the pitch there will be an opportunity to mingle with investors and publishers attending the event both on-site and online.

The team that presents the best pitch according to the panel wins a special prize for "Pitch of the year".


As a pitching company you get:

  • 2 tickets to Sweden Game Conference (On-site)
  • 2 tickets to our matchmaking system
  • Access to the Award mingle

... and more!


13.00 - 15.00 the second day of Sweden Game Conference (October 26) at Scandic Billingen in Skövde. There will be no online pitches which means that you have to visit the conference on-site to be able to pitch.


There are a lot of companies that want to pitch so there will be a very tight format. You get 5 minutes to pitch and then the next pitcher takes over. There will be strict timing so when your 5 minutes are up we will cut you out. You can present your pitch with any visual aid you need.

After all the pitches are done you will get the chance to mingle with investors and publishers on-site and online to answer questions and elaborate on your pitch.

The application is now closed.

Are you a publisher or investor looking to join?

Sweden Game Arena invites you to join Sweden Game Pitch at Sweden Game Conference on the 26th of October on-site in Skövde and online.

There will be both early-stage pitches as well as more mature ones. The early-stage projects will have additional time to receive feedback from a panel on-site at Sweden Game Conference, on the game and their business proposal.

One Pager

Before the event, we will provide you with one pagers, to give you a picture of what will be pitched.

Want to know more?

Contact Per and he will tell you more about the event!