DONNA DAY Mentors 2024

We offer a huge variaty of people from different fields within the games industry as DONNA DAY Mentors.

Karoline Blume


Senior System/Tech Designer at TTK Games

Karoline is a Senior Tech/System Designer at TTK Games. Her journey has taken her through a large range of different types of games, but her passion for player centric design has remained constant. When she's not crafting immersive game experiences, she enjoys creating fancy dinner parties at home.

Andrea Jörgensen


Tech Artist and Developer at Iron Gate Studio

Andrea has worked in the games industry for over 13 years, freelancing on games like The Stanley Parable and What The Golf?, and now works as a tech artist, programmer, and all around generalist on Valheim. She specializes in shaders and VFX, but has experience in most areas of game development.

Amanda Merlenius


Game QA Specialist at Star Stable Entertainment

Game QA Specialist at Star Stable Entertainment, currently working on the Creatures & Features team for Star Stable Online. I got my start in game development in Skövde, studying 3D graphics, and have previously worked with graphic design, community management and event organizing within the games industry. I worked for Sweden Game Arena for 2,5 years and organized Sweden Game Conference 2016-2018.

Agnieszka Molska Jakobson


Agile Coach at MindArk

Agnieszka started working in the gaming industry by a happy accident in 2016, and completely fell in love with it. Not only did the talent, passion and engagement of the people blow her away, she also relished the chance to positively influence team culture — inspiring her to take up the challenge. She strongly believes we need more diverse teams with inclusive cultures where everyone feels listened to.

Agnieszka's passion is to help grow and sustain teams that have respect for each other, the autonomy to make decisions and the confidence to take on challenges. She pursued project management to learn about growth mindset, agile leadership and all that jazz! At the moment she works as an Agile Coach at MindArk.

Emma (Em) Jerlin


Game Designer at Star Stable Entertainment

I work as a Game Designer for Star Stable Online, where I hope to bring excitement and positive energy to every project I'm on! I studied at Futuregames straight out of gymnasium, and at Star Stable Entertaiment I've made the journey from intern, to junior, and now mid-level designer in a little over a year.

As I'm speedrunning my way through life, I also spend a lot of time immersed in make-believe worlds (D&D), stressing about fabric and wigs (Cosplay), or screaming about whatever show/game/concept strikes my fancy that week.

Lotta Sörensen


Character/Creature lead artist at Star Stable Entertainment

With a decade of experience in the Swedish game industry Lotta has done both 3D art, art direction, narrative direction, and a bit of technical art. Always with a great focus on characters.

Malin Jonsson


Environment Concept Artist at TTK Games

I am an Environment Concept Artist who really enjoys world building and narrative design. My interests cover everything from research and engineering to shape, color, composition and storytelling. Outside of work I dabble in bouldering, horse riding and occasionally making a clay pot.

Natalia Kovalainen


Chief Archivist at Embracer

My main task is to ensure we at the archive work with preservation in mind, managing the database, handling objects, and collaborating with creators, educators, and institutions to preserve and promote games culture. Playing Lemmings and Phantasmagoria sparked my passion for gaming and its history.

Nathalie Verweij


UI/UX Designer at Coffee Stain Studios

2024: UI/UX at Coffee Stain, working on Satisfactory!

2016: Started doing UI at Coffee Stain cause no one else wanted to

2013: Studied Game Design & Production - I was going to be a producer in games! 2011: First game job as 3D artist

90s - present: Obsessed with Spice Girls, metal and Final Fantasy

Sofia Svensson


System Developer at MindArk

I am a system developer at MindArk with many years of experience, primarily in the telecommunications and automotive industries. While relatively new to the gaming industry, I bring a diverse skill set to my current role. Currently, I focus on programming the backend systems of our MMORPG, Entropia Universe, using C++.

Sanna Nivhede


Character Art Director at TTK Games

Sanna is a character artist with 11 years of experience in the games industry. She recently joined TTK Games after having spent a decade working at EA DICE. Some of her previous projects include Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Star Wars Battlefront II, as well as multiple Battlefield titles.

Lucia Di Terlizzi


UX Designer at MAG Interactive

I'm Lucia, a UX designer at MAG Interactive, working with mobile games. Last year, I made the exciting transition from the fintech industry to gaming, bringing my expertise in user experience with me. Recently, I relocated from Italy to Stockholm, and when I'm not doing UX, I love exploring the beauty of Sweden.

Kate Harrison


Senior Talent Manager for TTK Games

Talent Acquisition Specialist with over a decade of experience in the games industry. Working alongside various different studios including Rocksteady, Embark, Playground Games and most recently TTK Games. Throughout my career I have been dedicated to not only filling positions but also nurturing careers, helping individuals grow within the industry.

Rugile Saltyte


UI Artist at MAG Interactive

Rugile (Rugi) is a UI Artist. Originally starting as a Generalist Indie Developer through her studies in Game Art and Design in Ireland, it is there that she fell in love with UI/UX and her role pivoted to that of a specialist. Since then, she has worked as a UI Artist on multiple games in the VR/MR/AR industry. She currently works at MAG Interactive in the casual mobile gaming space as sole artist responsible for QuizDuel.